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# 2012-06-03 à 14:56 Natalie_Georgia (site web)
Only reason I voted for him was SARAH. I wasn't even going to vote until he picked her. I had voted in every election since the late 1960?s., MILA KUNIS NIPPLE SLIP, fbdbl, DIORA BAIRD SEX SCENE, %]], NADIA BJORLIN PLAYBOY, 8517, MICHELLE MCCOOL ASS, zdlwd, PADMA LAKSHMI TOPLESS, :)), LEXA DOIG BOOBS, cat, PENELOPE CRUZ BOOBS, 73401, NOUREEN DEWULF SEX TAPE, 452526, LISA KUDROW NAKED PHOTOS, rahpt, EVA GREEN HOT PICS, %-[[[,
# 2012-06-03 à 15:04 Alyssa_Tennessee (site web)
I understand. That is why I made the point about the state caucus to come up with acceptable Presidential candidates. My fear is we have too many conservatives that may split our vote and let a Romney, Christie get in.,
# 2012-06-03 à 15:11 jonn2 (site web)
# 2012-06-03 à 15:33 Alexandra_Arkansas (site web)
I hate to see us lose your input but I wonder if simply publishing articles with no comments enabled and having a members-only forum wouldn't be a good compromise. There's something about the immediacy of the response form and the lack of accountability available from anonymity (oh, hypocritical me) that seems to encourage people's awfulness., EVA MENDES NAKED, :-DD, ASHLEY GREENE NUDE, %-], KELLY KELLY NAKED, %(((, JAMIE CHUNG NAKED, 277, BAR REFAELI SEX, 957222, OLIVIA MUNN NAKED, zdt, SANDRA BULLOCK NUDE, 8(, ADRIANA LIMA PORN, eznuua, ZAC EFRON NAKED, njc, CHARLIZE THERON PLAYBOY, 2484, DIORA BAIRD NUDE, >:DD,
# 2012-06-03 à 15:56 Sophia_Connecticut (site web)
I hate to see us lose your input but I wonder if simply publishing articles with no comments enabled and having a members-only forum wouldn't be a good compromise. There's something about the immediacy of the response form and the lack of accountability available from anonymity (oh, hypocritical me) that seems to encourage people's awfulness.,
# 2012-06-03 à 16:26 Sofia_New_Hampshire (site web)
It makes sense about not continuing with "business as usual"
# 2012-06-03 à 16:34 Riley_North_Carolina (site web)
I do think that by working in a team, it will make it easier for you. The passion moves away from you and to the team of writers, the hate will move with it. Being a part of a groupblog would be a good solution., ANNA NICOLE SMITH PLAYBOY, icthn, KELLY ROWLAND NUDE, guzcoi, MARILYN MONROE PLAYBOY, 14628, JESSICA ALBA PORN, jbp, ASHLEY TISDALE ASS, :DD, TAYLOR SWIFT HOT, 688, SARAH HYLAND HOT, ybcd, PAMELA ANDERSON SEX, fprkz, ELIZABETH HURLEY NUDE, pdnucl, CHRISTA MILLER NUDE, 705958, ELISHA CUTHBERT NUDE, :-(, TIFFANI AMBER THIESSEN NUDE, ljdx,
# 2012-06-03 à 16:36 Jessica_Hawaii (site web)
It makes sense about not continuing with "business as usual"
# 2012-06-03 à 16:48 Destiny_Rhode_Island (site web)
Oodles of bloggers great and small would give a #1 Technorati rank (or insert personal thing of inestimable value here) to be able to host Kathy Sierra as a guest blogger. (Myself included.),
# 2012-06-03 à 17:19 Elizabeth_Arizona (site web)
I see two basic options for you: Reduce visibility and do something completely different, or stay visible and continue publishing your own stuff under your own name. All the options you cite can be assigned to one of these two categories. I dearly hope you go with the second option, even though I would totally understand if you decide otherwise., MILA KUNIS TITS, erm, JULIANNE HOUGH NAKED PICTURES, 078, ALISON BRIE TOPLESS, 924, MARGOT KIDDER DESNUDA, 072261, DIORA BAIRD IN A BIKINI, ibuv, HOLLY VALANCE TOPLESS, 538573, KATHERINE PARKINSON IN A BIKINI, %P, KELLY ROWLAND DESNUDA, 4870, EMILY MEADE SEX SCENE, 03952, ADRIANA LIMA FAKES, pfyq, RACHAEL RAY ASS, 966, NICKI MINAJ FAKES, >:-[[[,
# 2012-06-03 à 18:04 Brooke_Rhode_Island (site web)
I think greater interaction among groups would result (mix up the tech bloggers and the marketers and the VCs and the usability people and, hell, even the sex bloggers) ;) and really spark some awesome conversations., GERARD BUTLER NUDE PHOTOS, cwpm, ALYSSA MILANO NUDE PHOTOS, 415257, EMILY BROWNING BOOBS, bybupc, MARY MCCORMACK PLAYBOY, 81108, KATE WINSLET BOOBS, ocrprs, VENUS WILLIAMS PLAYBOY, %O, KIM KARDASHIAN NIPPLE SLIP, :OOO, RESHMA SHETTY IN A BIKINI, 911747, KRISTA ALLEN TITS, 8-[[[, ALI LARTER NUDE PICTURES, 7048, ALISON BRIE FAKES, 600,
# 2012-06-03 à 18:20 prednisone and allergies (site web)
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# 2012-06-03 à 19:13 Elizabeth_California (site web)
Is there a way use some sort of third party forum moderation to cut through this problem? Then you could go on in whatever way you are comfortable, your forums could coninue to buzz and anyone that's up to no good would hit a brick wall (or get a call from their local authorities, as appropriate). It's just a thought., SEAN YOUNG NUDE, %D, NINA KUNZENDORF NACKT, 381493, KATE BECKINSALE SEX, xqta, ALEXA DAVALOS NUDE, :PPP, TAMSIN EGERTON NUDE, 8-D, KELLY BROOK SEX SCENE, 984795, WHITNEY HOUSTON NUDE, :-[, PATTI DAVIS PLAYBOY, 6990, CARLA GUGINO SEX, %)), CAMILLE GRAMMER PORN, meon,
# 2012-06-03 à 19:20 Zoey_Mississippi (site web)
In relation to the Technorati rank it's pulled down via an API (geez I think that's what it's called) as is Alexa rank & the script calculates the index - I just need to record the figures in a spreadsheet for upload.,
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# 2012-06-03 à 19:35 Melanie_California (site web)
O.K. I give up. What is your beef with Gutfeld? I think he is hilarious! He is not a serious contributor, but is there for laughs. I like him., AMBER HEARD SEX TAPE, mpxoa, VANESSA HUDGENS NUDE PHOTOS, 95839, KATY PERRY NAKED, 244805, HEIDI KLUM HOT, :[[[, SALMA HAYEK DESNUDA, aunbf, AMBER ROSE ASS, 883397, RIHANNA NUDE, >:-D, KIM KARDASHIAN PORN, 62114, SCARLETT JOHANSSON NUDE PHOTOS, 6423, ANGELINA JOLIE NAKED PICS, 8[,
# 2012-06-03 à 19:39 Kimberly_Kansas (site web)
It makes sense about not continuing with "business as usual"
# 2012-06-03 à 19:54 Zoe_Louisiana (site web)
I always wondered if the Manchurian Candidate
# 2012-06-03 à 19:56 Madelyn_Hawaii (site web)
I'm not sure what you have against "The Five". I mean, four of the five panel members are on the right. The only creep is Bob Beckel. I admit, his creepiness makes the show a bit harder to handle. But Greg Gutfeld makes up for it! I LOVE him!! Beckel will probably have a stroke or a heart attack on the show one day and they can just shove him off the stage and continue on., DEMI MOORE SEX TAPE, 8(, ROSAMUND PIKE PORN, pugx, HOLLY MARIE COMBS NAKED PICTURES, %OO, BAI LING PORN, uja, SCARLETT JOHANSSONS NIPPLE SLIP, :]], DENISE RICHARDS NUDE PHOTOS, %), COTE DE PABLO BOOBS, =-DD, REESE WITHERSPOON SEX VIDEO, =[[[, REESE WITHERSPOON PLAYBOY, 7429, ZOE SALDANA DESNUDA, =O, ANNA PAQUIN ASS, 354159, GABRIELLA FOX NIPPLE SLIP, 5693, KIM BASINGER FAKES, 057487,
# 2012-06-03 à 20:09 Peyton_Montana (site web)
It would also make it a lot harder for bullying to take place, since anyone stupid enough to try it would be taking on a potentially even bigger community, as well as whoever happened to be hosting you. (Anyone who did host would have your back 100% and be able to manage comment moderation and such so you'd never even have to see the garbage.), HALLE BERRY OBEN OHNE, whtjgw, KRISTEN STEWART ASS, :DDD, BRITTANY MURPHY NUDE, 46878, HILARY DUFF ASS, 6464, CLEMENCE POESY NUDE, 8-D, ROSARIO DAWSON NAKED, ael, PHOEBE TONKIN NUDE, kwqzg, STACY KEIBLER ASS, 922, BILLIE PIPER TOPLESS, 0799, JODIE MARSH NAKED, 17932, GABRIELLE REECE PLAYBOY, :-(,
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# 2012-06-03 à 20:58 Khloe_Wyoming (site web)
One condition would be that the groupblog would adopt your style. Similar to how the headfirst books have the same style but different writers. If you join the 37signals blog where you put up highly visual articles, in a see of more textual posts, you will still stand out.,
# 2012-06-03 à 21:16 Amelia_Connecticut (site web)
Kathy, the content you have graciously shared with us every once in a while is both inspiring and entertaining. And a blog is the perfect medium for this. A lot of the content is about your style and creative personality. Thus, I would rule out the community-based ideas. I would probably only read your stuff anyway., SUZANNE SOMERS NAKED, 8-P, RIHANNA OBEN OHNE, xmv, PENELOPE CRUZ SEX TAPE, =PPP, KELLY HU HOT, jcdu, CAMERON DIAZ TITS, =OOO, JUNO TEMPLE HOT, wmiy, JESSICA ALBA NIPPLE SLIP, 8-DDD, JENNIFER GARNER SEX, =), PARIS HILTON TITS, 8-PP, BELEN RODRIGUEZ NUDE, 8-D, JAYDE NICOLE NUDE, 5003, SHILPA SHETTY SEX VIDEO, dsewb, JULIANNE NICHOLSON NUDE, >:-DD,
# 2012-06-03 à 21:41 Lillian_West_Virginia (site web)
It makes sense about not continuing with "business as usual"
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