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Sarah Palin said "As any Fisherman, she knows only dead fish go with the flow. "As a fisherman my self, most fish swim within schools, so they must always be dead when there swimming in reply to gov. Palin's vast knowledge connected with fish. And all the films of of Salmon paddling up river to lover Louis Vuitton Online are just proven wrong because of the Governor. The Salmon mate lay down the eggs and pass away, but they go considering the flow to mate! Duh... The "flow" was a reference towards populous... or a river. The salmon you reference is a politicians. How many politicians have you any idea of that go contrary to the "flow", or general consensus? Palin would be one of many salmon swimming up stream where as Pelosi would be a dead carp being flushed down stream. You don't understand her words? '... only dead fish select the flow" and she is correct; a dead fish floats, things that float in a moving body of normal water, move with the flow http://www.louis-vuitton-outletbest.com/, ie. only dead fish choose the flow. Pretty simple english, now what is a person's question? Dean fish don't go swimming. Salmon are not dead when they swim up stream. Salmon do not match the flow to mate, they fight their approach up stream. Huh? I must be thick but I don't obtain your point. Salmon swim against existing to get upstream then when they die, the current carrys them considering the current. Not sure what your own point is making... Palin's point was that if she's a "dead fish" she can't do the united states or her party the proper job. Why do liberals keep demanding the fact that government pay for their advanced education, when they so obviously refuse to take advantage of the free general education that is available to them right now? To help you while using metaphor, she was referring to the "flow" of the canal, as in downstream... not schooling with additional Louis Vuitton Women fish. Pretty clueless aren't anyone. Try as you may possibly to twist what she said you have failed. Is this the typical logic in the left? "Change we can consider in" LOL!!! They swim against your flow genius... "swimming up river" will go against the flow from the river. If you are a fisherman and are not aware which way the water flows in a very river thats enough said in your case. There isn't a set dress code relating to classes. Basically, just wear what you're comfortable with. Also, briefs/speedos and jammers bring about less drag thus doing you faster and capable of swim with less energy.
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